The pride St. George's students take in their sports I believe is truly unparalleled. Our student sections overflow with pride and spirit no matter what the score. We travel far and wide to support our players. And we have a good reason. For a school our size St. George's truly does seem to have remarkable abilities when it comes to athletics. You may say this is because our school is just filled with naturally athletic people. I on the other had think our success has more to do with our good sportsmanship and motivation. 

  The selection of sports that St. George's offers its students is truly a diverse list. From football to ultimate frisbee our school offers both orthodox and unorthodox activities. Our school culture is one that allows for the embracing of new traditions and values while at the same time preserving the old ones we hold dear. I never would have thought that our school would actually have a ultimate frisbee team, let alone one that won the city championships in its first year as a team. 

  No matter where a St. George's student is there love of sports follows will follow them. As I started to go on more school trips I began to learn that a frisbee is an essential packing item.


   Our urge to be athletic no matter what environment we are in can be explained by the feelings those sports evoke. Whenever I play frisbee I am always reminded of the people I play with and the good times we had. In a sense sports are a way for St. George's students to have a bit of nostalgia no matter where there travels may take them. 

  As I talk about our love for sports I can't end without mentioning the great coaches we have to lead us. They have somehow managed to take a bunch of rowdy teens and turn them into cohesive professionals. This alone is worthy of our respect. Our coaches have shown us the real meaning of being honest, dependable and respectful.