While I watched my friends stare at a beautiful Californian sunset I could not help but wonder what our futures would hold for us. To think that the friends that I have known, for what feels like all my life, will now be scattered all across the country at different colleges and universities makes me scared about our futures. 


  In the perfect dream, I thought, we would all be together for the rest of our lives. But that just isn't the reality we live in. 

  As we were lying there under the Sun I thought about all the good times we had. And I remembered all the things my friends had taught me about being there for each other. I remembered all the times they pulled me out of a jam or lifted me up when I was down. I felt like I never wanted the sun to set on that day. 

  Then it hit me. Our school, our friends, and our teachers were with us for a reason. They all built us up into the people we are today so that we can succeed when we eventually move on. My perfect dream of having all of my friends with me is a sign that they have done their job right. I now value all of the things that make my friends unique and now I will cherish and seek those things out when I see them out in the world. 

  So let the Sun set it doesn't scare me any more. When it dips below the horizon I know it is not the end of our story, but the beginning of a new chapter in it. And thanks to my friends I feel like I am ready to face the new day when it rises again.