As I snapped this photo of my friend Winston out on the edge of a fallen tree suspended over a river in a French forrest I realized how this situation is such a St. George's thing. Who else but a St. George's student would have this much of a sense of adventure. 

  Our curiosity is an essential part of who we are. It motivates our learning and drives our passions. But most importantly to me it is how we have discover the beauty of the world around us. 

  The video you see above is the result of an off the cuff remark that one of my friends made when we were at lunch. "Dude how sick would it look if we dove in to Bulldog pond while catching a frisbee". The answer: very sick indeed. 


  The making of that video involved over 50 dives, and in order to get the proper angle I had to wade out into the pond with the water up to my neck while holding my phone. But in the end we came away with a great video and a story to tell. 


  The reason I chose a video where Griffin did not catch the disk is to show that being an explorer means that you have to be comfortable with failure. Sometimes your adventures may be hard or in the end they may not work out, but no adventure is ever in vain. No matter the outcome we will still always learn about the world around us and the people we take that journey with. 

  While in San Diego on a Citizenship trip several of my friends and I had the opportunity to visit Vista High School. This was truly and adventure as my friends and I went on to learn how different schools approach education styles. 

  While Vista was very different from St. George's we found that we had many things in common with the students there. If we did not have that curious drive I don't think we would have ever been able to expand our views on public schooling and also we would have never been able to share our St. George's values. 

Of course no adventure would be complete without a little frisbee. 

  Of course our adventures usually lead us to some very beautiful sights. Walking down this Pier was a journey. I had no shoes, as we had just got off the beach, and this long pier was full of splintered wood planks. Of course the journey was painful and turning back did cross my mind. But at the same time that curious drive brought me to the end of the pier to witness the most beautiful sunset.